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Create, Collaborate, and Connect - February at BizEd

Updated: Feb 27

Hello and welcome to this months edition of our blog!


This month has been all about creation, collaboration, and connection.


Create: Elevating Accessibility and Digital Skills in Whitchurch


As a team we have been busy getting to grips with Adobe InDesign, improving our knowledge of design and print work for some exciting upcoming projects. We are also looking to invest in training for this area and are on the hunt for some talented individuals to help grow this service. If you, or someone you know can help us with this, please do get in touch.


In collaboration with the Green Jobs Foundation, we've delved into researching the employment and skills market, contributing to the creation of a proposal aimed at fostering a sustainable future.


Creating a space to deliver support for the community has always been a priority for us. Making use of donated furniture and equipment, we have created a space suitable to host people looking for digital skills support in Whitchurch. Visit our web page to learn more about our community initiatives.


Recognizing the importance of branding and marketing in our growth, we're excited to announce our collaboration with Kaye Heseltine. Together, we're taking steps to elevate our brand presence and outreach, ensuring our impact continues to grow.


Collaborate: Building Partnerships for a Brighter Future


In the realm of construction, we're thrilled about our collaboration with CITB on a series of Apprenticeships eBooks. Available now in both English and Welsh, these resources are informative and set to make a significant impact. I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch at the Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building, to help gain valuable insights into the construction sector. The CITB West Midlands eBook is also available free to download should you need local support and help.

I have also been acting in advisory role on the Shropshire Council Business 360 program. This initiative supports individuals in researching and developing products or services with environmental or social impact.


Additionally, we're excited to announce our collaboration with the Shropshire Digital Skills Project, partnering with the DWP to empower individuals seeking to enhance their digital skills.


In terms of events this month, join us on the 27th of Feb at Oswestry Memorial Hall for our 5th Inclusion Network event - a collaborative experience you won't want to miss. Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure yours.


Connect: Strengthening Bonds for Lasting Impact


Everyone at BizEd would like to wish Laura Scotland well as she takes on the role of Business Development Director. Laura has been with us for twelve months now, and the time was right for her to take on greater responsibility within the organisation.


"I love working with Laura, she is brilliant and has taken on every challenge I have thrown her. She believes strongly in what the organisation can do and making her director was a no-brainer for me. She cares deeply about people and is a professional business leader, we are so lucky to have her."


Locally, in Whitchurch, we're fostering connections by signing up new digital volunteers and recruiting a Digital Project Coordinator. Our efforts to extend our reach have also taken us to the School of Social Entrepreneurs' 10th-anniversary celebration at the Palace of Westminster.

We're proud to have connected with inspiring individuals like Remo from Cambridgeshire, sharing insights into their circular economy work. We love making connections like this at BizEd and are always interested in meeting new people.

That's all for this month, check back with us in March for more!

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