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About Us

We have a long term vision of empowering more individuals and organisations to deliver social and environmental impact. We will deliver this by reinvesting our income into local community services and putting our energy into social or environmental projects.

Widening of talent pathways is already happening, but we want to accelerate this by removing barriers for individuals and smaller organisations,  linking up services and support, information and digital technologies to improve their uptake and support sustainable growth. 

We welcome working with all types and all scales of organisation, from micro to global, community/ voluntary to private and everything in between. For this to work long term we need everyone around the same table. 

We also see an opportunity to join up more strands and themes that connect social and environmental impact through our services. 


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Our Impact

Number of views of social impact ebooks 

Average number of connections and introductions made for social or environmental impact per conversation

Number of events hosted, facilitated, supported or attended growing connections




Training & Workshops

We give individuals and organisations an accessible and affordable option for upskilling themselves and employees. We think carefully about the topics to make sure they will create impact. We  promote the delivery of skills that will help charity and community organisations thrive and become more resilient. 

Networking Events 

We bring people together that may not usually mix, in a range of positive, engaging environments.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Identifying and developing opportunities, joining the dots and connecting people. We connect organisations and individuals together when there is an opportunity or a need.

We believe that the highest quality work and career opportunities should be available to everyone.

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