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Volunteering Case Study

Volunteering with Jon Gidney, Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant

Volunteering Case Study

How did you get into volunteering with Shropshire Youth Support Trust?

I came across SYST after meeting one of their team at a local business event. We stayed in touch, I learnt more about the charity and I liked the work that SYST were doing. I was asked if I could become a volunteer and mentor some young people that would benefit from some marketing advice and support and I agreed to do so. Over the last 12 months or so it has been great to help some young people as a mentor and to see their careers progress.

What sorts of things do you get involved with as a volunteer at SYST?

Providing marketing advice and support for young people to develop their career or business. For example I supported an up and coming voiceover artist with creating a new website, personal branding and photography.

“It’s a good feeling having a positive impact on the careers of local young people and to see them succeed.”

Would you recommend volunteering with a charity or community organisation to other employers?

Yes - if you have the time, skills or knowledge to help young people to improve their business or careers and would like to help then I would highly recomment speaking to SYST and offer your time to help as a mentor.

With thanks to SYST for this case study

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