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Health and Safety for Employers

If you’re worried about hosting someone who isn’t yet an employee for a work experience placement, or taster session, don’t let worries about health and safety put you off!

Health and Safety for Employers

Much of the information below is from the HSE website which offers reassurance to employers about opening their doors for experience in the work place. Here are the facts on your responsibilities and where to find further information.

Your local education and training providers can also talk through guidance on this matter: Young people and work experience
“Under health and safety law, work experience students are your employees, like any other young person you employ.” View guidance from HSE here

Completing a Risk Assessment
What you cover in your risk assessment depends on the level of risk. Review your risk assessment before they start if you:
• Do not currently employ a young person
• Have not employed a young person in the last few years
• Are taking on a work experience student for the first time
• Are taking on a work experience student with particular needs

Make sure you communicate with and check this with parents, carers or the training provider and explain any risks. When you induct students, explain the risks and how they are controlled, checking that they understand what they have been told.

Your existing employers’ liability insurancepolicy will cover work placements provided your insurer is a member of theAssociation of British Insurers (ABI), or Lloyds, so there may be no need for you to get any additional employers’ liability insurance if you take on work experience students. The ABI website confirms this but you should also check with your insurer that you have adequate cover.

Useful resources
Careers and Enterprise Company have useful work experience resources to help you understand this process, including working with those with Special Educational Needs or SEND.

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