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Disability Confident Employer Scheme

If you’re a forward thinking employer looking to increase diversity and accessibility within your business then the Disability Confident Employer Scheme could be for you.

Disability Confident Employer Scheme

Become a change maker for local inclusivity and take a new approach to recruitment and
staff retention by supporting the development of disabled employees.

Regardless of the size of your organization, committing to the scheme will enable you to
shine a light on the value that these talented individuals bring to the local community and
could ultimately result in improved diversity within your business.

Did you know?
• 21% of working age adults are disabled
• The employment rate of disabled people is 53%. Compared to 82% of non-disabled people.
(Labour Force Survey, 2021)
• Life costs you £583 more on average a month if you’re disabled.
(The Disability Price Tag, 2019)

The Disability Confident Employer Scheme has 3 levels of commitment – designed to support
your business in it’s journey to becoming a Disability Confident Leader. For more information
about the scheme and how to pledge your support go to

Did you know there is a new disability action plan and pioneering lab on its way in 2023 with
a range of new policies? You can follow updates and find out more about this by going to

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