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Armed Forces Covenant Case Study

Employer Case Study with Samantha Lewis, Director of People and Operations, NMITE, Herefordshire

Armed Forces Covenant Case Study

How did you hear about the Armed Forces Covenant?

Herefordshire is steeped in military history and is known to have a vast veteran community, around 14,000 individuals and their families. Although most veterans are able to integrate back into civilian life, it’s widely understood that there are many individuals that struggle with the transition, or find it difficult to positively manage their physical and mental wellbeing given their previous experience in the field. It has long been a desire of NMITE to find further ways in which to support the veteran community and Armed Forces Family in its broadest sense, and help these individuals to better harness and build on their skills that may otherwise be lost. On a personal level, it’s always been a priority of mine to be proactive in supporting the veteran community. Knowing the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) has acted as a catalyst for veteran and military support and is highly recognised within the Herefordshire community, it become an immediate action of mine to ensure NMITE signed the Armed Forces Covenant and be ambassadors, and activists, in the AFC’s ongoing work.

What do you get back from offering opportunities via this service?

NMITE holds the privilege of being a Gold Award Holder of the Employer Recognition Scheme. We are recognised as an employer of choice within the veteran community, which greatly adds a diversity of experience and skills to the NMITE workforce.

We are also part of a large network of like-minded organisations that are keen to collaborate and provide an impact within the community to support veterans and their families, serving personnel, reserves and Adult Cadet Volunteers.

“Since signing the AFC and being awarded the Gold ERS, we have supported serving military personnel in their lifelong learning and transition, supported veterans in recruitment, some of which have joined NMITE, and have held a prestigious Military to Business Showcase for the past 3 years.“

With the network of attendees having grown substantially over the last 3 years, these showcases will continue to bring together businesses, charities, supporting organisations, veterans and their families. We have provided workshops to veterans to enable them to start their own business, provided industry days with our strategic partners, and continue to work closely with those thinking of leaving the forces to ensure additional support is provided during the transition period.

Would you recommend it to other employers?

Absolutely. To support, attract and retain veterans and reserves within a business is highly rewarding. Typically, these individual possess a work ethic that is second to none, and they have an abundance of skills and insight to offer employers of all sectors.

“They are creative, determined, ambitious, natural problem solvers, and make for fantastic leaders.”

It’s our pledge to continue our support to the veteran community, and I have no doubt that the ways in which this support is delivered will continue to grow and develop with the help of the Armed Forces Covenant.

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