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30 Second Skills Policy Brief

Funded Training and Support Schemes

30 Second Skills Policy Brief

Well, what can I say about any government policy, let alone skills with all the politicking that has been going on! Liz Truss is out and Rishi Sunak is in. I think chocolate teapot just about sums up my feelings at the moment. Anyway, hopefully you will find these morsels a wayof tracking what is happening and perhaps some new areas to think about. For those interested in skills policy, training or recruiting individuals.
Funded Training & Support Schemes
• Marches Growth Hub Skills Search - VIEW HERE
• Skills Bootcamps - VIEW HERE (lots of online as well as face to face training and upskilling options here)
• Free Level 3 courses for adults - VIEW HERE
• BEIS: Help to Grow Management & Digital scheme VIEW HERE extended to include smaller businesses – minimum number of employees now 1 and trading for 12 months. Definitely worth a look if you are looking to train your next leader or purchase some software
• Higher Education: New short course funding for universities (Sept 2022) - VIEW HERE
- University of Chester HERE
- Stafford University - HERE
- University of Wolverhampton - HERE

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), £7.6 million to help 2,000 adults with autism into work. Funding available for a limited amount of places (circa 91) to help adults with a disability to access the workplace. Coaching and training available and part of the governments target to get another £1 million people with a disability in to employment by 2027. Further info HERE

Department for Education and DWP funding to get more parents back in to the workplace – opening up the childminder market but also increase child:carer ratios See funding for streamlining childcare services - VIEW HERE

Case Study
I know this is Bromley, not in the Marches, but I thought it might be useful to see what jobs would be generated if this is replicated across the UK. From the Local Government Association.

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